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Coach Mines was instrumental in my early development as a basketball player. He is one of the most knowledgeable, charismatic, motivated and caring coaches I have ever had and is not afraid to think outside of the box to further develop his players. Coach Mines practices what he preaches and draws upon his extensive collegiate and professional basketball career to create invaluable teaching and practices for young athletes. Anyone wishing to learn from Coach Mines will find experience very enjoyable, rewarding and money well spent!

Cameron Bairstow

Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)
University of New Mexcico Lobos (NCAA D1)
Former NBA Chicargo Bulls
Australian Boomers representative at the 2016 Olympics
Current NBL Brisbane Bullets player

Sid coached me in juniors and helped me pave the way for not only my basketball career, but also taught me some valuable life lessons. He is a perfectionist and demands the same of his players. Sid has an ability to see the strengths in each and every one of his players and provides a healthy and dun environment for everyone to reach their full potential. He will make sure fundamentals are solid and will also teach new moves and little tricks that are unorthodox, but very helpful and very rewarding.

Brandan Teys

Representative player
Queensland State team
QABL player
SEABL player
Current NBL Adelaide 36ers player

Coach Mines is a prime example of a coach who not only teaches the game of basketball as such a high level, but while doing so he is able to assist players of all ages in developing their basketball skills and knowledge of the game of basketball.

Leroy Loggins

Australian Basketball Hall of Famer

1992 Australian Olympian

4 Times NBL Most Valuable Player

3 Times NBL Championships

When I was asked to write a testimonial for Coach Mines, I immediately thought of how I can describe a man that outside of my parents has probably been the biggest influence on my life in just a few words? It’s simply not possible. Coach Mines was more than just a basketball coach, he was like a father figure to me and taught me discipline, how to work hard and most importantly confidence which I have carried through to all aspects in life. He truly cares about all his players and is as loyal man I have ever met. Coach Mines basketball IQ is second to non and I love hearing his insight about certain players and teams of the modern era compared to his idols growing up. Our relationship has blossomed to a life long friendship. If you want your kids to learn from the best, I highly recommend that you seek Coach Mines.

Tony Tjin

Former high school and club player

Throughout our years under Sid’s wing as both students in the classroom and players on the court, our game has tremendously improved as well as our knowledge of it. Sid has helped us and many of our peers grow into better young men, and having played basketball for over 10 years we have never come across a coach who is willing to sacrifice so much to see his players improve. Sid is a coach that is able to adjust and adapt to each of his individual players on both a basketball and personal level in order to help them achieve optimal results. He will not always tell you what you want to hear but more importantly he will tell you what you need to hear in order to reach the next level. Sid is a perfectionist and craftsman of the game and is always willing to go the extra mile to see his athletes succeed and accomplish their basketball goals.

Ivan & Milan Ninkovic

Former high school and club player
Current Serbian White Eagles team

When you were only an average sized Asian kid with zero basketball training, coming to trial for one of the elite basketball teams, most coaches would have crossed you off their list straight away, but Coach Mines didn’t, instead he saw something in me and gave me a chance that no others would. He nurtured me as a defensive minded player, guided me into a system that allowed me to play the best of my ability and most importantly, made me enjoy the game of basketball in its purest form; sweat, discipline, team work and glory. All of these core values has shaped me as the person I am today and I am forever grateful for Coach Sid Mines.

Brien Chen

Former high school and club player
Current Exercise Physiologist

I have not met a more enthusiastic, knowledgeable and persistant coach in the 20 years I have played basketball. From junior representation, all the way to SEABL senior level, I have always learned something new from Sid, from how to look after your body all the way to fundamental aspects of the game. I could not praise Sid enough for how dedicated he is in developing young players and how much he has sacrificed for the game of basketball.

Pavle Krkeljas

Former Junior player

Current Serbian White Eagles team

Player for Brisbane Spartans SEABL

I had the pleasure of knowing Sidney Mines for well over 20 years! I have found this man to be a great father, husband, coach, teammate and friend. I wish I had a dollar for every time this man has leant a helping hand to others! I would be very wealthy! Sidney is simply one of those rare individuals that no one can say a bad word about.

Andre Moore

Former Denver Nuggets NBA
Milwaukee Bucks player NBA – also played in various NBL teams, including Brisbane Bullets, Cairns Taipans and Hobart Devils

I first met Sidney Mines as a work colleague. It did not take long before we worked specifically together with regional school basketball teams, Sid as the coach and myself as the team manager. It was in this role that I came to realize what an incredible coach I was working with. Sid had the ability to develop the skills of each player and utilize each player’s strength to maximize what each could contribute to a team. I also had the privilege of watching my two sons being coached by Sid and witnessing the improvement in their skills and basketball analysis as well their passion for the game. Boys and girls through to adults will benefit from Sid’s coaching style and incredible knowledge. If they put in the time with Sid they will walk away as better players and as better people.

Wilma Perkins

Australian Masters Athletics President

Physical Education Teacher

Coach Mines’ obsession with perfection played an enormous role in taking my game to the next level. When completing a drill, close enough was never good enough, and I was made to repeat these drills over and over until I could do them blindfolded, pushing me to my absolute limit at every turn, but it is this attribute that once engrained in my head. I couldn’t shake, it’s also what made sure that I was always one step quicker, once centimeter higher and one play ahead of the competition.

Charles Dickerson

Former representative player Queensland state team
QBL Toowoomba Mountaineers
Current Site Engineer

Sid was my high school, club and rep coach growing up, Sid challenges you both on the basketball court and as a person. It’s a blessing and rarity to find a mentor with such a wealth of knowledge, tremendous skill set,work ethic and most importantly passion for basketball and coaching like Sid has . Sid will undoubtedly give you the knowledge and tools to not only become a better basketball player but also a better person.

Eric Lin

Former high school player Club representative player
Current Queensland police office

Sidney Mines is a very good basketball player. He is also a very good basketball coach. Above all though, he is a teacher – an outstanding teacher! Combine these 3 things and you have someone who not only understands the game, plays the game and loves the game; you have someone who can teach the game. This is critical in the development of young players. I have seen Sid, time and time again, combine his amazing knowledge of the game with his exceptional teaching skills, to produce outstanding results with both individuals and teams. In my opinion, it is his capacity to teach, along with his capacity to understand the learning process, which sets him above other coaches. He is a very good coach, but he is a great teacher!

Steve Mills

Head of Department, Health & Physical Education at Centenary State High School

Coach Mines taught me a tremendous amount about the game of basketball. During my fast couple of years playing the game of basketball, he helped me develop the basic fundamentals required in order for me to excel in the game of basketball. His coaching methods were fantastic as it not only pushed me to become the best basketball player that I can become, but also the best student that I could become and for that I am truly grateful!

Ali Sheriff

Former High School Player
Representative Player & USA Prep School Player

To this day I love basketball and Coach Mines is a big part of the reason why. He helped me understand the game, how I could improve and how to help my team win. I had some limits as a player however he always had confidence in me and it is amazing what confidence can do. The mindset, discipline and focus he encouraged helps me even to this day in my working career. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working with Coach Mines for anyone who wants to take the game of basketball seriously.

Luke Perkins

Former Metropolitan West Player
Club player
Relationship Director – Brisbane CBD

Growing up I had the very rare privilege, quite early in my basketball career, to be coached by Sidney Mines. I was playing for the Sunnybank Tigers at the time and Sid, a high school Physical Education (PE) teacher, took on the responsibility of coaching a rag-tag bunch of players at the request of my mother, who happened to be a PE teacher at the same high school where Sid worked. I had been playing basketball for only a couple of years at the time but had already been taught by several different coaches at club, high school and at representative level. Some of these coaches were very highly regarded in Australian Basketball circles. Sid out-coached them all.

He was able to use his playing experience from Concordia University in the USA and the Queensland State Basketball League (SBL) to help explain the complexities of the game to a bunch of 15 year olds in such a way that we could easily understand and apply. We also taught the finer details of the fundamentals of the game and both how and when to apply them. We quickly started winning games, and soon thereafter Championships at both club and school level. He moulded a bunch of individuals into a team, gave us defined roles within a system and managed to bring out the very best basketball from every single player.

As I graduated from high school and moved into the corporate world I played less basketball, but I continued to enjoy following the success of Sidney’s teams as the Head Coach at the Basketball Academy of Excellence at Runcorn State High School. Every season his teams would dominate the competition. Juniors or Seniors, Boys or Girls – whatever talent was put before him, Sidney would help it to develop and grow and turn it into Championship material.

While most of my fondest memories from my childhood are from the time I spent playing for Sid, his greatest impact on my life may actually be away from the court. A great coach, Sid is also a true gentleman and a good father and was a great example to me as a young man. Many of the lessons I learned from him in my time as a player under his tutelage are now being passed on to my own children as I coach their basketball teams.

For developing basketball talent, as well as for helping to motivate, inspire, teach, guide and support a young person as they mature into a young adult – there is no one I would recommend more than Sid.

Julian Perkins

Former Metropolitan West player
Club player
Current Studio Manager, Studio Pilates International West End

I had known Sidney Mines on my staff as Head of Department of Health and Physical Education at Runcorn State High School and as a friend from 1997 to 2011 when I retired. His reputation as a teacher and a basketball coach preceded him and I was very lucky to have him join my staff. It opened up many possibilities for our established basketball program.

Sidney took our Basketball Program to a higher level. With continued success for our teams, Sidney’s vision of “a basketball subject” within the school curriculum was able to be realised. The subject was assessable in both theory and practical elements. Students paid to be in the subject. Sidney was the Head Coach of these subjects. Sidney was instrumental in the recruiting of players to the school and the program. Players came to the school because he was there. Sidney was able to identify talent and to develop talent from raw recruits at the start of high school. Players who were offered scholarships at other schools remained loyal to Sidney and stayed at the school as they recognised his superior qualities.

Sidney is a teacher and a coach. He understands that a coach must be a teacher too. Many coaches can give a player drills that give them great skills. The trick is to show them “when” to use these skills. The unique aspect of his coaching style is the ability to employ strategies that are tailored to suit each game situation using the skills of the players. This puts him head and shoulders above other coaches. Players go into the game with a task that injects them into the team for that game. This allows each player to focus on that role rather than just going into a game to “play basketball”. Players are assigned roles that are achievable and well defined so the player and the team have success.

The strategies were always appropriate to the age and skill levels of the players. Sidney has won many games where there was more talent on the opposition bench. He can focus on the outcome and has the ability to change strategies depending on the situation and bring other players onto the court that can perform the new roles necessary to suit the situation. In his time at Runcorn High, Sidney won 32 Metropolitan Championships! He helped many other coaches to win another 10 or more championships. His personal record is highly unlikely to be approached by any other coach or school.

Sidney coached well within himself at the High School level. He has shown the ability to take his coaching skills to much higher levels. He just wants to bring it back to the level he loves the best. Young players. Sidney’s personal and professional ethics are his strengths. He is a wonderful family man with strong religious convictions. He has been a successful mentor for many players who have needed his coaching and counselling skills. The players’ welfare is just as important as their playing ability. He insists on appropriate behaviour and appearance from his players and models this at all times. He truly leads by example. And, he is still my close friend.

You will not be disappointed if you let your child’s basketball career be guided by Sidney.

Terry & Kate Mouland

Terry Mouland, Head of Department, Physical Education Retired & Kate Mouland Sports
Co-ordinator, Physical Education Teacher Retired

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